Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God

Oh ladies!!!! A wonderful new book will be out soon!! Jennie Chancey (Ladies Against Feminism) and Stacy McDonald ("Raising Maidens of Virtue") have collaborated on a new book entitled "Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God".

Here's a little bit about it from Mrs. McDonald's blog...
Have you struggled to reconcile God’s vision of virtuous womanhood with worldly myths that marginalize and mock the role of the homemaker? Do you wrestle with cultural messages that demean the homemaker’s calling and exalt instead the emotionally androgynous power-woman—the wife whose worth is measured only by the degree of her ambition, the shape of her body, or her money-making skills? Such is the image of the “desperate housewife” that the modern media, culture, and feminism are promoting with great energy.(You can read more here.)

I so look forward to reading this book!! The only problem is that I have to wait about a month until it comes out- oh dear!!


Christina said...

Oooooo... Sounds good!!!

Arlene said...

Yay, a new book to put on my wish list! :~) Sounds lovely!!!

Laura said...

What a cool book! Can't wait!
I was also wondering if you or your bloggie readers could help me. (You always have such helpful tips!) I am trying to find traditional ways of cleaning since I'm 7mo pregnant and can't be around harsh cleaning chemicals and also, well the "old ways" of doing things seem to work so well :)

Any tips? I'm particularly interested in unclogging drains, being rid of mold/mildew in bathroom, bleaching (?) sink and tub....

Laura R

Paula said...

The book looks wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say hello and tell you thank you for stopping by my blog. I have really enjoyed my time here and plan to come back to visit soon. That book sounds wonderful!!

Stacy McDonald said...

Thanks for posting about our new book! We are really excited! Please pray that God would use it to impact many lives and transform families! To God be the glory!

Victoria said...

I'll be looking for that book! Thanks for your comment on my blog earlier. Hope you didn't have to use TOO many tissues! But, do enjoy your parents - they are precious!

Charree said...

I have never heard of this book, but I will have to get it and read it because it looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

JoyFULLWifeMom said...

How exciting!!!

Jim Bob Howard, Editor-in-Chief said...

By the way, Homeschooling Today® magazine is giving the book away with a one year subscription or renewal to the magazine by December 24.

For more details:


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