Monday, April 30, 2007

Victoria Magazine...

How many of y'all used to pour over the pages of Victoria Magazine? I know I did for years!! And suddenly... it was gone!!!

Alas!! I read today that in October of this year, it is making a reappearance!! Yippee!! I'll definitely be waiting in line at the newsstand to get a copy!!


Joyful Days said...

Oh!! You made my day. I loved that magazine.


Kelli said...

I'll be right there with you, Mrs. U! I'm so excited!

Unknown said...

Your Elizabeth is beautiful. What a charmer she is. This is my first visit to your blog. I wanted to thank you for your sweet words on my site for our Abby.

I enjoyed my visit here. I love your idea for sending supplies to the orphanage in China. What a very loving gesture. It will be so appreciated.

Just Mom said...

That is Awesome! I had been a subscriber to that magazine from 1987 until it folded. I've been reading "Romantic Homes" in "Victoria"'s absence.

Karen said...

Hi! I am stoppong by via Amy's Random Thoughts contest to tell you hello for her ;-) I enjoyed your blog and hope to visit again soon! /have a wonderful day!

DK said...

Greetings Mrs. U!
Had to stop by and visit after the great comment you left me last week. Sorry I'm getting around so late; I had major surgery 5 weeks ago and I'm still not back up to speed! I loved Victoria magazine; so glad to hear it's coming back. Your blog is fabulous; I really enjoyed browsing through your posts. I will definately be back!
A Flyover Blog

MM said...

You can subscribe early to the new Victoria!!!


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