Thursday, February 08, 2007

A baby shower!!

The Lord is good!!!!!

We're not "rich" by worldly standards. We ARE rich in the Lord, but sometimes needing "stuff" to function in this life is a necessity and we need "stuff" for Elizabeth when she finally gets to come home.

This past Saturday, our church family gave us a baby shower and BOY did they shower on the gifts!!!! I was in awe as I saw the the mountain of presents for our baby!!!! I feel like the Lord has spoiled us to pieces- He gives us salvation, He gives us Elizabeth, and now He makes sure she has things she needs. How GREAT of the Lord to provide like this!!!!

I have to tell you, though, of all the gifts that we have received, my FAVORITE gift was the sweet bunny slippers in the photo!!! Aren't they just BEYOND adorable!!!!!

Also, a lady in the church made us this incredible diaper "cake"!!!! Can you get over it!?? I counted and there are 90, yes NINETY diapers all rolled up and stacked on top of each other. Plus she "decorated" the cake with lots of sweet baby things all around the cake- hair bands and bows, socks, bath scrunchies, bunny rabbit on top (complete with bunny slippers to match!!!). It was lovely!!!

Now... I'm off to try to straighten up Elizabeth's room. It's amazing to me how a little bitty girl who is on the other side of the world can have such a messy bedroom already!! Haha!!!

EDIT- For another EXCELLENT example of a diaper "cake", please visit Susan's blog, A Place Called Home.


Unknown said...

How sweet. It sounds like the Little One has been blessed. Love the slippers too!

Paula said...

That diaper cake was genius! How excited you must be. Congratulations!

Mary Ann said...

This is so wonderful how God is truly providing for your family!I was to a baby shower this past Saturday and the centerpiece was one of those diaper cakes. So cute! I had seen them before but I still think it's an adorable way to give a very practical gift!

Tammy said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for you and your family! LOL @ your last sentence!

Kelli said...

How wonderful, Mrs. U!! 90 diapers?! What a wonderful blessing and the bunny slippers are the cutest things ever!!

Wendi said...

The diaper "cake" is so cute! Have you received TA yet?

Julieann said...

Giggeling at the messy bedroom. The diaper cake was such a creative idea, and the bunny slippers are just too cute:)


Susan P. said...

Oh Mrs. U, I am so happy for you! Precious beyond words. I bet you are imagining your new little "sweetie" wearing them:) Love the diaper cake, too! I made one for my niece, too! If you want to see it I think it was the second post I did.

Elizabeth Pruett said...

You have a beautiful and fascinating blog. I have enjoyed looking around, and I will be back! You must be so excited about your new daughter. She has a lovely name!

Lean Not said...

There was one of those neat diaper cakes at a shower I attended recently, as well. It sure made a hit! Those are so very clever. I would love to make one sometime.

(when I was born, someone made one out of cloth diapers in a cake plate for my mom. but that was a l o n g time ago!) :)

Anonymous said...

oooooh, those slippers are too cute! Doesn't it make you feel so special to know how much you are loved and cared about by friends :)

take care,


Kim said...

How wonderful that your sweet church friends blessed you with so many gifts for your new baby girl!

I love the bunny slippers.

She is a blessed girl already!



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