Friday, October 13, 2006

Wintering ferns...

This morning, I finally moved my beloved ferns inside. Why are they beloved? HA! They are the first ferns in my life that I haven't killed off (yet)!!!

I've been trying my best to take care of these babies all summer long. Now it's turning cold and we're expecting temps in the upper 30s tonight. So I had to make sure that these guys were safe and warm inside our home.

I had NO CLUE what I needed to do with the ferns- I just knew that they needed to be inside where it was more warm.  I also gave mine a "haircut". HA! They were so big and bushy (yes, believe it or not- not only did I NOT kill them, but I got them to be big and bushy, too!!!) and I figured a good trim wouldn't hurt them. So, what you see in the picture is the result of their trim.

If any of y'all happen to know of any proper winter fern care tips, please let me know. I really REALLY want to see if I can get these fellas to live through next summer, too!!


Tammy said...

Those are beautiful ferns! I hope you continue to do well with them!

Cherish the Home said...

They are gorgeous!

I used to have ferns and they did great while outside but once I had to move them in the house they didn't do so well.

I do know they need lots of humidity so a daily spritzing with water is a must. (o:

Shari said...

it's cool bringing in plants that would have otherwise died in the cold. last year, i decided to bring in some little "asparagus" plants, they're just like spikey ferns. That plant survived, and I put it out again this year. It's HUGE now, LOL. From what I've heard, they like flourescent lighting, filtered sunlight, and circulating air around them. (my brother suggested a little fan.) Plus, you may want to keep a spray bottle of water mixed with a tiny bit of dish soap, to spray if they get little bugs.

Lula said...

ha ha ha...What pretty beloved ferns!



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