Friday, October 06, 2006

I LOVE garlic!!

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It's "that" time of year again. I was in Wal-Mart earlier today and I felt it hit- the start of a cold. Ugh. In the U household, that can only mean one thing- GARLIC!!!

I LOVE garlic no matter what form it comes in- even raw!! Good thing, too, because when one of us is sick, I pull out the garlic and we each chew a raw clove of it.

WHAT???? You are screaming, RAW garlic?? Yes, raw garlic. It is SO very good for you. It's antiviral, antifungal, antibiotic... wait, just check out this list:

Health & Medicinal Benefits of GarlicPowerful immune system enhancer
Antibacterial, antiviral
Antifungal - effective remedy for yeast infections & candida
Clears boils & infected sores
Improves appetite
Digestive aid - especially good if eaten with meat
Increases libido - take several raw cloves a day
Expells intestinal parasites & worms
Reduces high cholesterol

Be sure and click on the link above to read even more about the benefits of eating raw garlic. You could also look here.

It does take a bit to get used to eating raw garlic, but once you do you'll be looking forward to it because you know it'll make you feel better. It's truly a gift from the Lord to have something so compact contain so very many needed health benefits. Why not try some raw garlic tonight?

Oh, before I forget, when you do decide to chew (and swallow, by the way!! LOL!) raw garlic, do it at night. That way, you don't walk around all day with massive garlic breath. You will have a slight taste of garlic the next morning, but once you eat breakfast and brush your teeth, the garlic taste is gone.

(In the picture above, the big cluster of garlic is called the "bulb" or "head". Each little piece that can be broken off is called a "clove". )


Susan P. said...

Wow, I've heard of garlic tablets but never eating raw garlic!! I never realized how many health benefits it contained. I will have to remember this when I start to feel "under the weather." You are always posting such informative, interesting things. Thank You:) I have one thing to add, though: Make sure your spouse eats some too or one of you will be sleeping on the couch that night! LOL

theups said...

Tee hee, Susan!! You are RIGHT!!! It IS easier when both of us eat garlic before bed!! LOL!!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I love garlic! We have fresh garlic from the garden... so delicious! I get tempted to add double garlic to everything... but my husband isn't quite so crazy about it ;)

Kelli said...

I love fresh garlic when cooking so I'll have to sneak in a little taste next time it is out. :0)
Good idea on eating it right before bed!

Anonymous said...

Eating raw garlic has cured me of ear infections many times. I am allergic to the inexpensive antibiotic, so my doctor suggested garlic. I could not believe how well it worked! Now I can be cured for less than a dollar! And it clears my skin up too. :)

Shari said...

that's awesome!
i always just use "tastefully simple" garlic garlic (a seasoning, with garlic chunks in it). i'm not sure if the good qualities are still in there.

i've just been reading about the power of baking soda, and the arm and hammer sight says this....

"Mouth Freshening
Bad breath keeping you tight-lipped? Open up for ARM & HAMMER® Baking Soda. Put one teaspoon in half a glass of water, swish, spit and rinse. Odors are neutralized – not just covered up- so get ready to pucker up!"

so, i wonder if it would work, using it after you've eaten the garlic.


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