Monday, July 31, 2006

Home clean home...

Today after Weight Watchers (I gained 4.4 pounds while on vacation!! OH MY!!!), I had some jobs around the home that needed to be tended to.

Yes, you guessed correctly, according to the picture, I did vacuum today. I try to vacuum twice a week- more if we have company coming or if we've been in and out of the house more frequently (like when we were putting the garden in- talk about DIRT!!!). I also cleaned the master bathroom. I try to clean it twice a week (again, more if guests are here). I like the home to be tidy enough for someone to drop by at any given moment.

I try to keep stacks of "stuff" picked up in the living room because it's the first room guests see when they enter our home. "Stuff" can accumulate within a few seconds (why is that??) and I try to stay on top of that. If any of y'all are familiar with FlyLady, you know that she talks about "hot spots". I try to keep those put out all day. I also try to always keep my kitchen sink shined.

I had more laundry to do today (yes, even after Mt. Washmore from Friday and Saturday!!!). I try to do our laundry on Mondays and Thursdays. I also wash our sheets weekly on Wednesdays.

Tonight our family will sit and read together and just maybe watch "Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace".

I love having a clean home that my family can sit and relax it.


Amy said...

Hi Mrs. U - just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. I was so encouraged by your comment :) Sounds like you've been very busy!

Isabella in the 21st Century said...

Hi Mrs U

Thank you for visiting my blog! I too have put on weight after my holiday - all those cream teas! I often pray for more resolve! lol! You're so right about those Flylady hotspot. Everything just accumulates in my office/playroom. I've vowed to tackle it for two days in a row now. You've given me inspiration to get it all sorted. I'll post some before and after pictures on my blog!


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