Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wow!! Look some of the things that the Lord is doing in our yard!! I am so excited each day when I walk outside to see what He has growing.

On the right are my first two dahlias to open. I love dahlias!! They tolerate the extreme heat that we have here very well. I moved them this year to a new place in our yard and I wasn’t sure if they would bloom- I am so happy to find out that they did bloom!! Oh, I can’t wait to show y’all my FAVORITE dahlia once it blooms!!!

On the left is one of the first oriental lilies that has come up. I can't wait to use them in bouquets!!!

Happy gardening!!


Tori Leslie said...

Beautiful Flowers. By the way the blog looks lovely. *Ü*

Susan Godfrey said...

Very pretty! I've never been very good with flowers. Veggies I can do, but flowers are just beyond me I guess :)

theups said...

Veggies are my husband's domain. He says that they are useful, but my flowers are just ornamental!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! He does like nice, happy flower arrangements on the table, though!! :)

Mrs. U


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