Thursday, July 20, 2006

I saw this over at Tammy’s Times. She had a great time sharing, so I think I will, too!!!

Ten things you've done today:
Washed 3 loads of clothes
Watered flowers
Made brownies
Worked at our homeschool library
Bought new shoes for Mr. U
Washed dishes
Blogged (of course!!!!)
Talked with our son
Had dinner out with Mr. U

Nine things you need to do tomorrow:
Vacuum the house
Clean the master bathroom
Pull weeds in the flower garden
Have dinner with the senior adults in our church
Talk with my sister
Talk with my mom
Make lunch
Give out the brownies I made today!!

Eight items always in your pantry:
Diet Coke
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Diced tomatoes
TONS of spices

Seven things you need to feel "at home":
Diet Coke
Mr. U
Sam (he’s our cat)
My chair
My kitchen so I can cook
Good smelling lotions

Six things that sum up your childhood:
Blow up pools in the summer
Fisher Price Little People in the living room
Barbie and Donnie (Huh? We didn’t have Ken- we had a Donnie Osmond doll!)
Watching the Carol Burnett show
Grandma putting curlers in my sister’s and my hair
Being at our church every time the doors were open (thank you Dad and Mom!!!)

Five items of clothing you wear again and again:
Ked striped flip flips- LOVE THEM!
Denim dress
Khaki skirt
SAME workout clothes every day
Turquoise jumper with flowers on it

Four places you've lived:
Apartment in Atlanta
Two houses north of Atlanta
Dorm room in Carrollton
Parsonage in the South

Three books you've loved reading recently:
Home Comforts- The Art and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson
Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney
MacArthur Study Bible NASB (Mr. U just got it for me!!! YIPPEEE!!!)

Two heart's desires:
To look more like Jesus and less like me
To bring my Elizabeth home from China

One thing everyone reading this can pray about for you:
That I will truly seek the Lord first every day.

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Tammy said...

Neat! I enjoyed reading this!


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