Friday, February 05, 2010

Around home today...

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It's been raining and cold all day. No fun. Gray skies give me thoughts of heading back to bed!! HA!!

Today has been a day of being lazy for Elizabeth and I. We had a quiet morning and then we cooked lunch. Because Mr. U works right next door to our home (we live in the parsonage) and Joshua works just a mile down the street, we have our main meal of the day at lunchtime. We LOVE having the biggest meal earlier! Oftentimes we'll have leftovers for dinner or just a sandwich.

We were supposed to have roast chicken with potatoes, but the chicken didn't thaw out soon enough. So, I thinly sliced the chicken and it thawed out very quickly!! Then I sauteed it with onions, peppers and garlic and stirred in some pasta sauce. Next I served it over pasta and served green beans on the side. YUM! It came together quickly and prevented me from allowing myself to get in a bad mood because the chicken wasn't thawed completely! YAY! Gourmet? No!! Quick and easy? YES!!!! (Do any of y'all ever allow yourself to get in a bad mood when something food related doesn't turn out like you like??)

Elizabeth is resting now. She hasn't napped for months, but will rest quietly in her room each afternoon. I use this time to check email or blogs or even take a nap, too!!!

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. Hopefully we'll be enjoying sunshine tomorrow instead of all this rain we've been getting today!!


Wendi said...

It has been snowing all day here. I hear that it will keep snowing until tomorrow morning. We are planning a stay at home "snowed in" weekend.

You are not alone with dinner frustrations. Many times what I have planned hasn't turned out.

Hope you get your sunshine tomorrow!

momstheword said...

We don't live in the parsonage, but we don't live to far from the church, so hubby's travel time is just a few minutes away.

I love lazy, quiet mornings! I also love what you did with the chicken, it sounds yummy!

~ Nan

Unknown said...

It's good to have backup meal ideas for moments like this.


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