Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How neighborly are you?

I've been reading over at Project Home Economics (LOVE that blog, by the way!!!) and learning so much! I recently read this from Elizabeth....
"Some brand new neighborhoods can be a bit bleak, as the landscaping is still bare in many years, and neighbors may move in and out so frequently and stay so busy that you may feel somewhat isolated. If you live in such an area, try this: make a chart of the streets in your neighborhood. Take note when someone new moves in. If you hear that someone has a baby, also take note. Bake goods and take them to these people. Invite people for dinner. Don't give up if people are busy and it takes a while to get them over; plan a month ahead if you have to.Wrap them well in case no one is home and you have to drop them off. Be the woman (or family) who prays about every street and every house. Do what you can to love your neighbors and make your neighborhood feel like a community. This will, in turn, bless you by making your home feel more like a home."
I would LOVE to hear how each of you reach out to your neighbors!!

Also, if there is anything special that your neighbors have done for you, please share!!!

My parents are good about keeping up with their neighbors. I love that. One dear man across the street from them makes a point of blowing off my parents' driveway every time he blows off his driveway!! What a kind thing to do!!


Tammy said...

We've kinda failed in the neighborly department...

We do know the neighbors to either side of us, and one house down on the one side. Other than that...we've met some of the other neighbors, and wave "hello" but don't really stand around chatting. People are so busy, it's hard to connect.

Bekki said...

My husband and I moved into a new neighborhood about 1 year ago- Moving day my neighbors came over and introduced themnselves and invited us over "when we got settled"
Another neighbor brought over a casserole and salad. Since then we have been to many wine parties and neighborhood events. My husband has snow plowed for different neighbors and simply helped where needed. We are blessed to be there!

Mrs. Pear said...

we live in one of those transient neighborhoods! When we moved in everyone showed up to meet the newbies, but then all disappeared because they are so busy! After living here for 2 years, at our daughter's birthday party in may we had 2 of the families over for the party, we did not really know the others! And one of those is moving!

So I love these ideas!

And miss pear loves maps, so I see us making a map of our neighborhood and starting to work on some of these ideas!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

I love our neighbors and their kids. My boys ride their bicycles and scooters up and down the block with the other neighborhood children and I think it is just wonderful. We have a new neighbor moving in in a few weeks and I am already thinking about what I am going to make them for their welcome basket!

Wendi said...

We are lucky to live on a quiet dead end street. Lots of our neighbors are retired and we chat often. I love that everyone looks out for each other.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you posted this!

Jonathan and I live in an apartment complex that consists of 24 house-like apartments. I love where we live. Everyone here seems friendly, but private. Every time I see a vehicle that seems new to the area, I always want to go and introduce myself...but you just never know who is on the other side of the door.

I did, however, get to know the ladies on each side of us. Occasionally, when I make desserts I'll share some with my neighbors. A teacher lives to our left and is always on the go. At Christmas she came over and gave us a basket containing homemade salsa and tortilla chips! She quickly said, "I normally don't do this...but you guys are....nice!" lol! I guess when you have lived here as long as she has (at least 10 years) you see so many people come in and out.

I did once read a blog where the lady would take a welcome basket filled with goodies, a map and directory of favorite places, monogrammed coasters and a framed photo of their new home. I think that is neat. I would include a church brochure too! I always try to invite any of our neighbors I run into to visit our church.

Akehia said...

My husband and I just purchased our first home in April--in a very family oriented neighborhood and we were excited to finally have neighbors. We've only met the ones right beside us--we've spoken about 3 times and two of those times was me (politely) complaining about their cats :-/ We're planning to have an "open house" at the end of the month to welcome any/all of our neighbors to come visit. We figure the ones that actually come will be the ones that want to be "neighborly."

Anonymous said...


We live out in the country so we don't have too many close neighbors. I think it is important to be on friendly terms with neighbors. Our closest neighbor and his wife are great neighbors to have. We don't know the others too well. The two timees we've had yard sales, (we've lived here 3 yrs this yr) we've had "neighbors" from up to two miles away stopping buy to visit and tell us this history about our farm. We had a lot of fun-- many of them gave us their phone numbers and told us where they lived in case we ever needed anything.


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