Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bathtub cleaning tip!!

I know that I've shared before how baking soda is my favorite cleaning supply, but I discovered another use for baking soda a few months ago!!

When Elizabeth came home, she barely fit in the kitchen sink for her bath. So, I knew that it was time for the regular bathtub. I do have a seat for her to sit in while bathing, so I was fine with that. But I was VERY concerned about how the cleaner that I used to clean the bathtub would do with her baby skin. I wanted to use something as gentle as possible for her skin yet something that would clean the bathtub, too. After just a little thought, I remembered how much I LOVE baking soda!!! I made sure that the tub was slightly wet, poured about a cup of baking soda all over the tub (I buy the big 12 pound packages of baking soda at Sam's, in case you are wondering how I have so much!! LOL!) then started scrubbing. Baking soda cleans PERFECTLY!!!! Not only does it shine, but it also scrubs away all the icky blue residue that our water leaves in the bathtub!! WOOHOOO! I am SOLD!! Now I have a safe and very cleansing product to make sure my bathtub is clean AND my baby's skin won't get irritated!!!


Vanessa said...

Mrs. U

Thanks for that tip! Just last week I scrubbed my bath with the 'usual suspects' some scouring powder that always leaves white residue. Although we have no children, it's always good to go for something that is good for us too!


Mrs.Garcia said...

Mrs.U, wow Baking Soda is a great all around cleaner. I can not wait to use it in our Bathtub. Do you know if it is safe to clean Tile Bathtub/Shower Walls and Tile Bathroom Floors with it.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs U!

Thanks for the great tips. I think I'll take a look into using it more since it is so safe!

Take Care,


Kelli said...

Thank you for the great tip, Mrs. U! I never thought of using baking soda to clean the bathtub!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wow...thanks for the tip!!!!
Will definitely try it

Doug and Terrye said...

What an awesome tip!! Our Gracie is about to outgrow the sink, and I have had the same concerns.

Terrye in FL

theups said...

Mrs. Garcia, I am sure that baking soda is safe to use in the places you mentioned. Just mix it with some water, use a little elbow grease and tada! A clean shower and floor!!

Let me know your results!!

Mrs. U

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip. I use Palmolive, and it works beautifully, but this would be good for stuborn stains.

Kelly @ Growing.Learning.Playing. said...

I love using baking soda to clean. It is so effective and so safe. Doesn't leave that nasty chemical scent after cleaning the bathroom.
In His grace,
Mama Russell

Qtpies7 said...

This last week we needed our money to streeeetch to Friday, so I didn't want to buy more dishwasher detergent, so we could eat and have gas, you know.
Well, I figured baking soda gets my walls clean, it gets my cloth diapers clean without other soap, why wouldn't it clean my dishes? I loaded up the cups and ran it.
Those dishes were more clean than we've had in a year! Seriously! We've had lots of issues with 7,8 or TEN dishes still being dirty and covered in crud, but they were all clean except one lone bowl that was packed too close to another one so the crud couldn't get out.
I don't see the point in going back to Cascade!

Susanne said...

Baking soda is the only thing that works well without scratching in those new fibreglass tubs. Love it!

Heather Anne said...

I use baking soda for the tub alos, and I put it in a sprinkler with a few drops of essential oil to make the job more pleasant! I like lemon balm, or lavender the best, but sometimes cinnamon oil or eucalyptus finds it's way into my shaker! I use the same sprinkler to freshen my carpet before vacuuming!

You could recycle a dry parmesean cheese for this purpose, but I have an old Arm & Hammer sprinkler - I wish they still sold them!

If your drain is running slow throw 1/2 cup white vinegar down the drain after your baking soda clean and it will clean things out for you like soap scum and hairy monsters!

Heather Anne said...

I need to proof read - sorry! That was ALSO not alos, an I meant a parmesan cheese container not a hunk of stinky old cheese .... hmmmm! Not too effective!

Melissa said...

Mrs. U,

Do you mind giving us a few more uses for baking soda when cleaning...just a little list....


Sandi said...

Baking soda is my favorite too. I like to mix it with vinegar for the germ killing properties. If you want to get your little ones excited about cleaning....just spray some vinegar over the soda in the tub and watch the bubbles :o)Completely harmless, edible (not sure about the taste) and fun.
I clean my floors with vinegar and I love the smell.
Really have enjoyed your blog!


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