Friday, April 13, 2007

Where have I been??

For everyone that's been asking where I have been, thank you!! I have been right here, just a few feet from my computer, with little Miss Elizabeth. She's a bundle of energy and I LOVE every minute of it! She's a bigger blessing than I ever dreamed!!!

I've been TRYING to figure out a schedule for myself this week. I mean, I REALLY need to get this house in better order and I really REALLY need to cook more nutritious meals!! Poor Mr. U has been so kind in eating whatever it is that I can slap together really quickly. I am trying my best to learn to cook with a little one so close.

I've also got to figure out how to get some exercising in!! Just this morning, I was able to hop on the treadmill for 2 miles, but that's only because Mr. U happened to be home at the time! Is it possible to walk on the treadmill with an 11 month old nearby?? Or do I just try to do it while she naps??

I know I will figure most of this our over time, but in the meantime, any advice from y'all would be MOST appreciated- everything from quick, nutritious meals to what to do with a baby while you are exercising!!!

Thank you!!!


Melissa said...

Mrs. U,

Since I'm not a mother, I can't really give much advice, but I just want to encourage you. A good friend of mine once said that a particular stage in her life was only a season. That's true because like with the seasons we have, winter, spring, summer, fall, even though change takes place, God always prepares us and meets our needs.

God knows your heart and He knows your can do it!

Unknown said...

I loved your post.. YOu are so thrilled with life right now!

I hope you get all the info you need!!!

Heather Anne said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your sweet blessing so much! I wouldn't stress about getting it all together and adjusting quickly to having a wee one at your side - it will happen naturally and in God's perfect time! Make every effort to maintain your loving relationship with Mr.U and of course, don't neglect your time with the Lord - I found the Bible on CD really helpful, and still do.
A loose schedule is very helpful, but just when you both get used to it, she will change her eating/sleeping/playtime habits and you'll need to adjust again - that's just growing!
Getting things done when she is napping is good, but don't forget to rest too!
We loved the pack and play for our children, but only for short periods of time. They can both play for long periods of time independantly now, and that is a wonderful gift for them and for me! Try doubling up when you do cook more complicated meals and throwing at least one meal in the freezer for future.
Just enjoy! No one will notice if your home isn't spit and polished right now - you have a blessing and are learning to be the Mummy God wants you to be.

Chrissy said...
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Jthemilker said...

I'm not a Mom so my advice probably doesn't hold much weight... but I dream of the day when I can exercise with little one in tow... walking with the stroller or biking with a tag-a-long (or is that the Daddy's duty?) Swimming with them... I suppose weather has a lot to do with the opportunities or lack of. I've heard of new-mommy workouts including the baby -- check the library.

Most of all... ENJOY your little blessing every way you can!

Oh and all these suggestions about using the crock pot and freezing meals -- All sound good even for those of us who don't have kiddos. I really need to do more of that in my home.

Mrs. Pear said...

Oh, such a fun age.

As a mom as a 22 month old, let me see if I can offer some help, or at least suggestions!

Exercise - skip the treadmill, put Miss Elizabeth in her stroller and go for a walk - you get exercise, she gets fresh air and the stimulation of lots of stuff to see!

Cooking - at this age I put Miss Pear in her high chair and positioned me so she could watch me. I gave her toys and eventually crayons and paper. She especially liked it if I gave her a spatula or wooden spoon or measuring spoons or something that I was using so she was "cooking" too.

Definitely stick to easy meals, slow cooker is great. As much as possible, make two of things - this usually does not take that much extra time, and put some meals in the freezer, this way you can work your way into having light kitchen days with a nutritious meal.

You will get into a routine again, just give yourself lots of grace. Elizabeth has not been with you a really long time yet, even though I am sure it is hard to remember life before she was here. Just keep working towards it, and look for jobs around the house that she can "help" you with - folding laundry, playing with pillows while you make your bed, waving a clean rag around while you clean, just keep looking for ways to include her - it will help both of you!

Joyce's Ramblings said...

If you can love your daughter and your husband you are doing the what God wants you to do.Spend time with the Lord and don't worry about the things that won't matter in time. No job I didn't get to ever ran away or hurt me. It stuck around and waited til I could do it. Afew less fancy meals won't hurt anyone. Give yourself time to schedule what is necessary.

Doug and Terrye said...

I love the idea of putting her in the high chair while you are able to get things done. Our Gracie loves her "color time" in the H-chair. It took me a while to get used to having a little one in the house again, after we came home from China. The encouraging thing is that we know God does not give us more in a day than we can handle!

Jodi said...

Hi Mrs. U - I think you've already gotten some of the best advice.

Re: Exercise - I second the stroller idea. If it's still too cold where you live, my children also love(d) to put on music (praise music or children's songs) and dance with me. Just anything to get that heart rate up.

Re: Cooking - the other ladies touched on planning ahead, simplifying, cooking double quantities. I would add that you might need to start adding extra time to complete tasks than you're used to. If you're started dinner at 5:00 in the past - you'll probably need to start it at 4:30 or 4:00. Not building in a cushion in my schedule to accommodate for the time baby takes away from my tasks -- was a huge problem for me. As a new mom, I was still trying to do everything in the same amount of time I did before, but I now got interrupted 100x's in the process.

Joyce's advise was great -- some things have to go on hold.

Definitely, let Elizabeth play kitchen along with you when you cook. A little play kitchen in a corner or wooden spoons and plastic bowls work great! Matching aprons are usually a big hit, too.

I also give my little ones a plastic (dull) knife and some strawberries or bananas and let them help me cut up fruit. Yes, the salad might look mangled, and they snack while they're at it. ;o) But's all healthy food, and we learned to live with squashed fruit salad - lol!

If I think of anything else I'll pop in and add it. The most important thing you can do is love on that baby and hubby -- and it sounds like you've got that part down pat! :o)

Mrs. S said...

Mrs. U,

I posted some tricks I use for preparing food with a little one on my blog:

You have already gotten some great ideas. Love your blog!

Mrs. S.

Susan Skitt said...

I often put my kids in a toddler bike seat (my brother uses one of those neat two-seater attachments to the back of his bike) and took off riding. Other times, I took walks with my kids. One of the best investments we made was a jogging stroller. I even pushed the stroller sometimes while wearing my rollerblades!

As for cooking? I'm with you. Pizza night is always fun - and of course for some healthy fare there's always chicken on the grill. (We eat a lot of chicken - LOL!)

Oh and I believe Crissy said something about kids playing with tupperware? I did the same thing. They can't get hurt, but loved to explore that cabinet when I was in the kitchen. Kids want to be near Mommy!


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