Monday, December 04, 2006

Cooking essentials- the garlic press

Okay, I promise this is not another lecture from me about the health benefits of garlic.

This IS a post about how wonderful garlic presses are!!! What IS a garlic press? It's a gadget that's used to press garlic cloves through a perforated grid to extract the pulp and juice from the garlic.

Look at the picture...

See those little holes? The garlic clove gets pushed through there and out it comes all mashed up and ready to use!!

I will often use my knife to chop my garlic, but sometimes I don't feel like chopping and pull out my garlic press. I just LOVE it!!


Julieann said...

Oh Yes!!! My garlic press gets a lot of use in my hone:) Also, my daughter likes to use it to make hair with her playdoh..LOL

Nancy said...

I love my garlic press too and use it often... but I hate to clean it, those tiny holes are miserable!

theups said...

glad2bheld- I LOVE Pampered Chef!! I had to stop going to the parties because I kept finding new little things that I "had" to have! LOL!!!

Great idea, Julieann!!!! I never would have thought about playdoh hair!!!! Please tell your daughter "thank you" for the tip!! I'm going to try it soon!! :)

Nancy- fortunately for me, I've never had a problem cleaning mine. I guess I'm blessed!! :) I'm sorry the garlic gets stuck in the holes!!! No fun!!!

Mrs. U

~Kathy~ said...

We love ours too! Gosh, I think we bought ours almost twenty years ago when we saw the Frugal Gourmet using his. I use it all of the time.



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