Monday, December 18, 2006

Cooking essentials- the can opener

Yes, I use a hand crank can opener. Call me old-fashioned, I don't mind. I just simply CANNOT get any other can opener to work!! And I am not kidding!! My mother has some fancy kind that you just hold the can up to it and it's supposed to automatically "catch" and take over. Not for me! No sir!! Either my mom or my sister has to come to my rescue every time.

However, I DO love my can opener. It opens quickly every time. I've had this one for 8 years now and have only had 1 problem. I used to wash it after each use, but it started getting rusty and eventually didn't want to turn as easily. A friend told me that it was rusting because I washed it too much. Too much?? What??? She said that unless I was going to dry it off completely right after each washing, then I shouldn't wash it every time. She said this is what caused it to rust.

I have since stopped washing it after each use and there is no rusting going on at all!! Yippee!!!

What did we do about the part that WAS rusting? A little elbow grease and some olive oil took it off and lubed it up!! I'm sure I'll get years more use out of this!

What kind of can opener do you use??


Mary Ann said...

I love the hand kind too! I think the others take up too much space and the hand ones are easier to use IMHO.:-) I had the same trouble with my can openers rusting.I was washing it everytime and now I don't-I just wipe it off, then dry it and put it back in the drawer! I'm enjoying your cooking essentials series-this would be great for a new cook or bride who doesn't know what to register for.

Amy Jo said...

I use a hand one as well. In fact, I don't even own an electric can opener!

Anonymous said...

I use a hand can opener, too. I have a Pampered Chef brand and really like it. It opens cans cleanly (no rough edges) and also can be thrown in the dishwasher to clean. I have had it over 3 years and no signs of rust yet.

theups said...

Hi Mary Ann!!! Thank you for the kind comments!! I never thought about Cooking Essentials being helpful for a new bride or new cook! Good thinking!! These are just things that make my kitchen much more smoothly. I'm so glad that you enjoy it, too!!!

Hi Amy Jo!! I don't have an electric can opener, either. Too many disagreements between myself and the electric ones. HA!!

Hi Karla!! I've heard really good things about the Pampered Chef can opener!! When and if my OXO can opener quits on me, I'll have to try the one by Pampered Chef!!

Happy cooking, y'all!!

Mrs. U

Heather Anne said...

I love my manual can opener too - but it rust from lack of use - we use so few canned ingredients and the ones we do use have 'flip-tops'.
I have often though of doing a post about the things that make my life easier in the kitchen - great minds must think alike ... or fools seldom disagree ... what was it my Nanny used to say? LOL
You are more than welcome to share my Quiet Bag idea with your readers - it has been such a help to me!

theups said...

Heather!! I LOVE that comment "fools seldom disagree"!!! That is the BEST!! I will definitely have to remember that!!

And good for you for not using many canned ingredients!! Fresh or frozen is SO much healthier!!!

If you look tomorrow, you just may see your post on my blog!! I just LOVE it!

Mrs. U

Kelli said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who uses a hand can opener..LOL! My mom always had the fancy ones and I couldn't figure them out and was worred about cutting myself. I also like that mine hardly takes up any room. :0) I wash it after opening tuna or chicken and sweetened condensed milk...that stuff is sticky!

theups said...

You are RIGHT!! Sweetened condensed milk IS sticky!! But it sure does taste good!! YUMMMY!!

I love that my can opener doesn't take up much space, too. I have VERY little counter space and am very grateful for counter-saving devices!!

Mrs. U

Lean Not said...

As I grew up, my mother used an electric can opener. But like you, I always had trouble with it. To me, it's too much fuss to use up the counter space, have to plug it in, and have all those little pieces to wash. I'd rather just use my normal, simple, small hand-held kind.

I have heard that there is a hand-kind that does not leave a sharp edge. I haven't tried it, though.

theups said...

Hi Leannot!!
Karla mentioned that she has a Pampered Chef hand-held can opener that doens't leave a rough edge. I'm definitely going to try it when/if my OXO no longer works properly.

Mrs. U

Laura said...

I have one of the really old-fashioned hand held kind, the swing-a-way (I think that is what it is called). Have had it for years, works great! I have no interest in an electric one! :-)


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