Thursday, December 07, 2006

I won!!!

Susan P. over at A Place Called Home had a contest a few weeks ago and I WON!!! I won a Gooseberry Christmas cookie cookbook!! YUMMMM!!! When the package arrived in the mail, not only was I ecstatic to find the cookbook, but she also included a Yankee Candle tartlet for the tart warmer in Mistletoe and a tooo cute gingerbread man cookie cutter!!! Adorable!! She tied it all up with a beautiful christmasy (can I say that?) bow. What a wonderful gift to receive in the mail!!

Thank you for the fun contest, Susan!!! And thank you for the lovely prize!! :)

Now... off to baking some of those cookies!! :)


Tammy said...

Well, how fun is that? Congrats! =)

Kim said...

Congratulations! What a great prize!

Kelley said... are going to love that cookie cookbook! It's wonderful!!

Kelli said...

Have fun with your new cookbook! Susan did a wonderful job wrapping it up, love the cookie cutter!


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