Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where have all the ladies gone?

Mr. U and I were in town today running errands. You know, the usual- post office, bank, Wal-Mart. I sat waiting in the car while Mr. U went into the post office to mail off a package and some letters. As I sat there, I started noticing all the ladies that were walking in and out of the post office. It was 12:30 in the afternoon and about 90% of these ladies looked as if they had just gotten out of bed!!! Why would any lady want to leave the house looking like that? Where have all the ladies gone?

It doesn’t take very much time or effort to make sure that you are well-groomed before leaving your home. Here are three short and easy ideas to get you started:

Press your clothes. Yes, I am serious. Get out your iron and actually iron your clothes. Walking around with wrinkled clothing is so unbecoming on a lady. This is something I expect to get onto my teenage son about, not adults. It only takes a few minutes to heat up the iron and press your clothes. No experience ironing? Well, like my mother always says “Practice makes perfect”.

Fix your hair. You would think that a lady would want to brush her hair, wouldn’t you? Men make fun of us all the time for taking hours on our hair, but you would not believe how many ladies I’ve noticed with unkempt hair! Yes, WOMEN!! I’m not talking about children here, but grown adult ladies. Please, comb your hair. It only takes a few minutes.

Put a smile on your face. Why would you want to walk around looking like you are mad at the world? Smile. It’s free and takes no time to do and preparation. Simply smile. Not only will it brighten you up, it’ll brighten up all the people whose path you will cross, too!

Ladies, it only takes a few minutes to do these. Why not start TODAY!!! Don’t leave the house looking unkempt. Take a moment to ready yourself for the day. I’m not asking you to spend hours getting ready nor am I asking you to go out and buy designer clothing, but I am asking you to look a little more ladylike. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better as well.


Susan said...

I noticed so many ladies who looked decidedly UNladylike when we were on our trip last week. You have plenty of time to sit and watch people when you sit in a train station (or airport!) for a layover. Most of the women I saw either walked and looked like men, or they were dressed so immodestly that I was embarrassed for them. I mentioned to my husband that women take no joy or pride in their appearance anymore - anything goes.

theups said...

Oh Susan, I SO agree with you!! I'm amazed at how many times my husband and I will see someone and ask each other "Is that a man or a woman?" Sad.

It's such a joy being feminine!

Mrs. U

Lula said...

This was a great post!

theups said...

Good point, Miss Gerund! I do NOT want someone see anything improper when they look at me!!!

Trixie, I LOVE the way June Cleaver dresses in the show! I wish that attire would come back in style. Remember when men would wear suits to baseball games and the ladies that accompanied them would wear dresses and, gasp, gloves! LOVE THAT!!!!

Rosie, you and I must have been raised by the same mother! I was taught the same thing- you never left home until properly (and modestly) dressed. AND, for that matter, I was taught to dress each morning in a way that would be appropriate if I had to leave the house at anytime during the day. I would watch my mother get up and get dressed in a pleasant outfit. She wasn't always dressed in "church" clothes, but she always looked nice. She didn't sit around all day in "bump around" clothes and then suddenly have to find something nice to wear if a friend called saying they were coming over. She was always ready to greet people.

Mrs. U


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