Saturday, March 11, 2017

The High Calling of Motherhood... book review...

Does motherhood matter?

Wow that grabs your attention!!!  Does what you're doing day in and day out REALLY matter?  You've dreamed your whole life of being a mother and here you are simply overwhelmed by all that it entails.  

The High Calling of Motherhood is a soon to be released  book by Chimene Shipley Dupler (who also heads the ministry that is all about the beauty of motherhood.  I was able to preread this book this past week and there’s a lot of great information and encouragement in here!!!

My favorite quote from the book is, “The role of motherhood has been devalued in our society, which only complicates the inner turmoil moms struggle with today.  The high calling of motherhood has been abandoned.  We no longer value and esteem mothers and the impact they contribute to society as we are raising up the next generation.  Our culture has encouraged us to dismiss any inconvenience, whether through divorce, abortion, or even denying the time it takes to be intentional in our parenting.  We keep ourselves busy and our kids in activities so that we don’t have to invest in our children’s lives.  Anything that requires work or sacrifice is not valued in our society unless it provides satisfaction or recognition.  This has become the norm. “ (p27-28)

Chimene also does a beautiful job of always pointing the reader back to Jesus.  She encourages and reminds us to pray for our children.  She also admonishes us to remember that God is sovereign, that He alone has supreme authority. Reminders all Christians need as it is so easy to look inward instead of looking to the Cross.

"Don't discard what God has given you, thinking that the role of motherhood is an insignificant or unworthy career." (p 220)

Need encouragement in mothering?  The High Calling of Motherhood, which will be out May 2017 but you can preorder now, may be just the refreshment you need.  

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DISCLOSURE- I received an advanced copy of this book to review.  Any opinions are just that- my opinions. :)

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