Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday Favorites... My favorite blender in the universe!!!

Two years ago Mr U bought me a REAL blender!!  I had used a super cheap blender before, but it hardly chopped ice and would stop blending anytime I ever added frozen strawberries.  A HUGE pain when trying to make a smoothie.  This Blendtec is WONDERFUL!!!!!  It easily blends ice cubes and makes frozen strawberries disappear in seconds with no effort.  I've made tons of sauces and soups and even cake batter- all mixed in my Blendtec!!!! (In this pic, I had just made my favorite- Snickers Smoothie!!)

And guess what?  After two years of use, I watched as my beloved Blendtec went from 999 to 1000 uses!!!!  And it still works just as great as it did the first time I used it!!!  

I researched several blenders before deciding on the Blendtec, but I am so so glad I chose this one (and yes, just like the link goes to, I got the Certified Refurbished blender, too!!!)

If you're in the market for a new blender, I HIGHLY recommend the Blendtec!!! 

Wanna know the thing that convinced me Blendtec was the one for me?  This video!!!

Happy blending!!

(This is my own personal opinion.  Links, however, do go to my Amazon affiliate account)


Paula said...

That's pretty neat that it has a usage counter. I bet those smoothies are delicious!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Paula!!
It's fun that I can see the counter! We can't wait to see how high it goes.

Smoothies are the best!! The one on the left is the Snickers Smoothie I linked to above. The middle is strawberry banana and the right is strawberry and blueberry. Yuuuuuum!!


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