Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekly Cleaning Routine....

(LOVE my little lady with a broom or what????)

I've posted before about my weekly cleaning routine, but as we all know, life changes. :)  So from time to time, a homemaker may need to revamp her routine to make it easier AND so that she can teach her children to clean, as well. :)

With this being a fresh new year, I decided it was a good time to switch things up.  Here's how I'm handling things here... for now. :)

Monday- bathrooms, launder clothing
Tuesday- dusting, launder towels
Wednesday- vacuum, launder sheets, bath mats, shower curtain liner
Thursday- mopping (including bathrooms), launder clothing
Friday- catch up, launder towels
Saturday- groceries
Sunday- REST!!

(I got the basic idea from Becky at CleanMama.  She has an AWESOME site!!!)

I have daily chores, as well.  You know, things that must be done every day or the whole house will end up looking like a pigsty!!!!  

-Make beds (but air your rooms out first!!!)
-take care of mail as soon as it comes in the door
-wipe counters in kitchen as I cook
-sweep floors
-tidy school room at the end of each school day (not clean it, just tidy it- put stuff back where it belongs)

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