Saturday, January 28, 2017

Today in my home...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!  For anyone new to my blog, we brought our oldest daughter home from China in 2007.  Each year we get together we fellow China adoption families and have a big meal to celebrate Chinese New Year.  It's a fun time for us to see friends- old and new.  

So, that said, today we will be meeting friends for lunch.  :)  We also will do our weekly grocery shopping.  I usually grocery shop on Saturdays.  We do the bulk of our shopping at Aldi and then stop by Publix to pick up anything that Aldi doesn't have. 

I work on my grocery list for the upcoming week either Friday night or Saturday morning.  I keep a running list during the week so that I can add to it whenever we run out of something and I know I need to pick it up.  So making the grocery list consists of listing the meals I plan to prepare for the upcoming week and listing the ingredients needed for those

I also need to spend some time decluttering our school area.  It's actually in the dining room of our home and it's become quite the dumping area for our books, papers, toys, crafts.  UGH!!  I need to measure and figure out what kind of shelves I can get to make it a little more tidy and functional (which probably means a trip to Ikea soon! YAY!).

And, in case you didn't notice, I GOT A BLOGGY MAKEOVER!!!!!  I found the cute design online and Mr U set it up for me. YAY!!!  A makeover was looooooong overdue here! I'm so excited! This design makes me SMILE!!!!

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