Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy National Pie Day 2010!!!

Happy National Pie Day!!!!!

We celebrated with a Chocolate Chess Pie. YUM!!!

What kind of pie did you and your family celebrate with?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love love love pie. But, Mr. Hip has been asking for a chocolate cake and so that is what is in the oven. I am making a chicken pot pie for dinner tomorrow night. Does that count?
Perhaps I will make an apple pie for dessert.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Hip Chick!!!
I definitely think that Chicken Pot Pie counts!! YUM that sounds warm and delicous!! Enjoy!!!

And above all, I say BRAVO to you for making a chocolate cake for your honey!! What a sweet wife you are!!

Mrs. U

Barb said...

I have some frozen peaches in my freezer, so I'm thinking, peach! Maybe it will make me feel like summer!

Mrs. U said...

Oh yum, Barb!!! Peach pie DOES sound like summer! I know you'll enjoy it!!

Mrs. U

trina said...

Yummy. My mouth is watering. Can i have the recipe?

Cyndi Lewis said...

After reading about Pie Day on your blog, we organized a celebration for our small church. We supplied a blueberry pie, and a coconut cream pie. Others supplied pecan, raspberry cheesecake, and lemon. We laughed after prayer (before we ate)... we called the prayer "The Blessing of the Pie". It was quite fun.

The Editor said...

We had a pizza pie for dinner, followed by a choice either apple pie or banana chocolate cream pie. It was all so good that we had cherry pie on Sunday. We were serious pie people over the weekend, now we're serious diet people (with pie leftovers).

Wendi said...

Wanted to let you know that I tried the peanut butter granola. Great! Megan rated it as "yummy."


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