Friday, August 22, 2008

Training our daughters...

We desire for Elizabeth to grow up to be a godly woman and to seek the Lord in all things. We also desire to teach her to have a heart for her home and the people He places in it. Lately, GirlTalk has had several posts on training daughters. Lovely and encouraging posts, I must say!! Here's a snippet:

This morning Steve read me a prayer from Psalm 144:12 that I plan to make my own for Tori (and Jack, of course): “May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for a structure of a palace.”

What a beautiful prayer to shape our hopes and dreams for our daughters—that they may be like “corner pillars cut for a structure of a palace.” It’s a striking image of a woman’s role as fleshed out in Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. This verse pictures young women “both occupying a secure position in the building and at the same time giving stability to the building in which they are themselves secure—the position of the wife and mother in a well-ordered society” (The New Bible Commentary). Or, more simply, as “the supports and the ornaments of domestic life” (John Pye Smith)...

Other GirlTalk posts about this subject:
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~Bren~ said...

Raising a daughter is about the most difficult thing I have ever attempted. I plan to sheck out the articles you listed. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Ups
Really. You think it is okay for you to decide for your child that a life of servitude and homemaking is the only way. People like you shouldn't be allowed to adopt! Your lovely little girl would be a lot better off with a family that treated her as an individual rather than a creature in TRAINING!!! Shame on you.

Mrs. U said...

Dear anonymous,
Out of curiosity, what kind of training have you had? Certainly manners was not one of them. How very rude of you to come to my blog, post a hateful comment and you don't even bother to leave your name.

Needless to say, you shared your opinion.

May the Lord show you the greatness of Who He Is.

Mrs. U


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