Monday, June 09, 2008

Garden 08 progress...

So we started the garden a little late this year (mid May)... hopefully something will grow, though!!

Here's the garden after two weeks. We have tomatoes, green beans, watermelon, zucchini, basil, lemon basil, sage, and a few other things that I can't remember!!

I cannot wait for the first tomato of the summer!!


Cyndi Lewis said...

Here in Michigan you can not start a garden (with out good frost protection) until June. I look at my small little garden plants and think about how huge they'd be if I were in the Pacific Northwest, where most years you can plant in April.

Tammy said...

How fun! I haven't started my garden this year - I think I'm going to do cherry tomatoes in pots and a few green beans.

Dianna said...

What a nice garden! I just started mine last week. I, too, can't wait for the tomatoes. Although I'm growing a variety of veggies, I don't know if I would bother if it weren't for the thought of fresh tomatoes later on.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Nothing like the feeling of dirt between the fingers!

Paula said...

Good luck in this heat! :)

Mrs. Pear said...

Yummy! We started our garden in March, probably a month too early, but I was too excited to finally have a yard where I could have a little the flowerbeds!

This weekend I had to stake our tomatoes! I was thrilled!

Your garden looks like it is coming along very nicely!

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks great.
This year I'm trying container gardening. My yard is too shady for a real garden plot.

My container are on the upper part of my drive way where it stays sunny just about all day.

So maybe I will have my own grown tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers & squash this year.

Please keep my little garden in your prayers that I don't forget to water them or the squirrels eat it them up.

We shall see.

Sharon C.

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, I hope you reap a huge harvest, looks promising!

Wendi said...

Your garden is growing nicely! I got mine planted on Friday. I am now worried that my green bean and corn seeds might have drowned. We have had so much rain that it is crazy.

Katy said...

YAY!!! It looks great!!! :)
I love it!

Our garden has started sprouting stuff too! Isn't it so exciting??

Donna Kay said...

I bet your garden is going to smell wonderful - with all that fresh basil!!! Yum!!


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