Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lovely face...

The past two weeks have not only consisted of celebrating Christmas and New Year, but also nursing sickness. Apparently, Joshua caught a cold at work and brought it home and shared it with Mr. U. How kind. Mr. U's developed into a sinus infection. He decided to share some of his sickness with Elizabeth. Last week, she was very croupy, so we headed to the doctor. (She's MUCH better now, just has a tad bit of congestion in her chest.) Finally, germs got the best of mommy and I've been dealing with a cold for almost a week.

While dealing with sickness is NO FUN, it sure does make you appreciate your health AND your family much more. I also find myself praying way more than usual, too, because while I know that earthly medicine can do some good, I know that the Lord can fix things even better!!!

So I woke up feeling a bit "blah"today and this lovely face quickly filled me with cheer!!!! (Pardon the crumbs, we were in the middle of eating breakfast when I took this shot. CAUTION: Mommy bragging moment.)


Paula said...

What a beautiful shot of your little one. I love the innocent look in her eyes.

Mrs. C

Paula said...

What a beautiful shot of your little one. I love the innocent look in her eyes.

Mrs. C

Doug and Terrye said...

AWWWW, that face would cheer the saddest of souls.

Anonymous said...

How can you ever say no to those big brown eyes? What a darling!!!



Wendi said...

Great picture. Hope you are feeling better soon1

Michelle Maddocks said...

Thank you so much for your comment to me - it came at a really good time! You keep up the good work too. :)

Darcy said...

What a precious picture!

Hope you are all healthy again soon! We had the flu bug go through our house before Christmas. Not fun!

Paula said...

Mrs. U, hope you are feeling better--it's tough when the whole household doesn't feel well.

Your daughter is lovely--those eyes are just beautiful!!


Kelli said...

Awww..what a sweet little face! I will pray you all feel better soon!

Theresa's Notes said...

That is a great picture of your daughter!

We had/have that sickness also, our sweet church family shared it with us lol ;-)

Hope you all get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. U!!!!!!!!!!

Susan P. said...

That darling face is the best medicine of all!


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