Friday, July 20, 2007

Really bad produce... How (and why) to Clean your Refrigerator...

Yes!!!! That icky bag of, what used to be, lettuce was in MY refrigerator!!! And do you know when I discovered it? I discovered it when we had a dear friend over for dinner!!! She was in the kitchen with me, helping with the meal. I reached into the vegetable crisper to pull out some newly purchased romaine lettuce when, lo and behold, I pulled out this disgusting bag of very old lettuce!!!!! I had to laugh to cover my embarrassment!!! It was horrible!! And, to make matters worse, I had two very old tomatoes in there, too!! They were, well, horribly nasty!!!

Hence, this post.

Ladies, please, Please, PLEASE go through your refrigerator WEEKLY and discard any old produce. Also, please check all of your leftover containers to make sure you aren't growing any penicillin in there (yes, I've been guilty of that before, as well). I don't want anyone to be as astonished as I was at the discovery of this repulsive find. So, head to your refrigerators today and make sure everything is fresh!!!

Also, while you are in the refrigerator, you may as well clean it. Clean it, as in use soap and water and wash it out. Never done that before? You're in luck! I happened upon this site just yesterday and the author gives clear steps to clean it in a flash!

Let's all get our refrigerators in top shape with NO old veggies inside!!!


Wendi said...

I was just thinking I needed to clean out the ol'frig this morning. I opened the door and could hardly get the milk for Megan due to all of the containers of leftovers.

Hopefully I won't find anything growing in there! Yuck!!

Amy said...

Oh goodness, Mrs U! I once had a very similar thing happen to me with some leafy greens I had purchased. Sadly they were not in a bag. Eww! LOL.

After that unfortunate experience, I always clean my fridge with a tea tree oil and water solution the night before we go grocery shopping and use whatever veggies and leftovers are left to make a stir fry or soup for dinner that night. :o) Nothing gets wasted and the fridge is organized and roomy once the groceries arrive home!

~*This Mama*~ said...

I agree that I need to do this. I went grocery shopping last night and also had to fight to find a place to put the milk, due to a few containers of left-overs.


Your story has happened to me a few times too. Usually WITH the tomatoes and not the lettuce. In fact, while putting the groceries away last night I found a tomato, sitting on a shelf...looking nasty. So I picked it up and it was almost STUCK...with some GOO to the shelf!

I almost gagged!

Great idea for a task today!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. U, I just found your blog and I really love it. I sat down with a cup of coffee and read it for hours the other night! I grew up in a very liberal man hating household and so I don't know *any* of these wonderful homemaking tasks! You bake bread? Make your own meals? Clean your own house? Oh my goodness...I have so much to learn! I can't wait!
I laughed at this one because I just cleaned my fridge the other day and was so repulsed. I actually stuck my nose inside my shirt to accomplish this task!
Thank you for the wonderful site, I promise to log on every day to learn something new!

Anonymous said...

Some years ago, I moved across the country for a few months and moved in with my bachelor cousin. Heaven knows, I am not the cleanliest or most organized person, but his apartment ... egads!

The first day I was there, I went into Martha mode. I will not horrify you with tales of the bathroom. Every single item, save his beer and the must, had green and white fuzz growing and over the leftover pots had its lid stuck shut from mold!


Anonymous said...

Alright Mrs. U.,
I washed my bathroom rugs and now you want me to clean out my fridge. You are a slave driver (that I appreciate) :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! This is one convicting post for me. I have been thinking of that very thing every time I open the refrigerator for the last two weeks! :-o

Thanks for the push. ;-)

Paula said...

Are you sure you weren't in my house looking in my fridge???
Every once in a blue moon we come across one of those science experiments in our fridge. Thankfully it's never happened with company present. :)
Mrs. C

Gena said...

Your post made me laugh. I make it a habit to clean out my fridge every Wednesday afternoon, since we put our trash out on Wednesday night. It makes for a much happier fridge.

Heather said...

Your post made me laugh, especially with the pictures attached. :) I, too, clean my frig before the trip to the grocery store. It's great to come home to an empty fresh frig.

I really like your blog and I wanted to thank you for Mrs. Pear's blog too. I've been making freezer meals, so I visited her site to get some new ideas. very fun.

I thought the comment from "sarah r" was so sweet. She's coming here every day to learn from your blog. What a blessing!! A Titus 2 woman you are, I want to be just like you when I grow up!!


~~Deby said...

I must admit...I do have some good science experiments in my freezer from time to makes me feel bad that it is waste...
thanks for the reminder.

Jthemilker said...

Thanks for the tips. We just got a new fridge this week so I'll have to stay on top of these things. Got any good ways to store cabbage?

BTW - I'm tagging you for a Me-Me on my blog. It's for Jesus so you will be blessed to participate!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mrs. U...This was a great post. Cleaning the refrigerator is one of my least-liked tasks (mainly because I can never figure out how to put the shelves and everything back together again once I've taken them apart, lol.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. U,

I have a tendency to loose things in my fridge and have them spoil. To try and combant this, each week before I grocery shop I go through the fridge and clean everything out and wipe up anything yucky.

This keeps things in pretty good order.

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

not on your own with this!

Melissa said...

I searched far and wide to rediscover this post! I'm cleaning out my fridge today!!

Melissa said...

PS: I know you love the word "fridge" :P


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