Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving this year! I've so much to be thankful for- but most of all I am thankful that the Lord chose to save me and make me His own.

Now for something we should all read each year...

The Thanksgiving Story

The Pilgrims who sailed to this country aboard the Mayflower were originally members of the English Separatist Church (a Puritan sect). They had earlier fled their home in England and sailed to Holland (The Netherlands) to escape religious persecution. There, they enjoyed more religious tolerance, but they eventually became disenchanted with the Dutch way of life, thinking it ungodly. Seeking a better life, the Separatists negotiated with a London stock company to finance a pilgrimage to America. Most of those making the trip aboard the Mayflower were non-Separatists, but were hired to protect the company's interests. Only about one-third of the original colonists were Separatists...(to continue)...


nicurn said...

Mrs U.
I post on the RQ website and saw your adress, so opened your site. I have read thru a little bit of it and have enjoyed it so far. We are LID 8/26/05, so looking for our match this month. Our agency is also CCAI. We are also Christians who are very involved in our church and I am a homeschooling mom to my boys, ages 10 and 8. Our youngest (age 5) is in a Christian preschool, but I will be pulling him home next year. Looking foreward to reading the rest of your blog. Blessings, Cheri

Kelli said...

Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!


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