Monday, October 30, 2006

Cooking essentials- knife and cutting board

My favorite two things in my kitchen are my knife and my cutting board. In my opinion, have a good quality knife and a sturdy, non-slip cutting board are absolutely essential to any kitchen.

The basic types of knives are:
-chef's knife- broad, stiff, slightly curved blade around 5-9 inches long. Used for chopping as well as slicing, dicing, mincing.
-paring knife- looks like a small chef's knife with a tapered blade and about 3-4 inches long. Used for peeling and slicing fruits and veggies.
-bread knife- has a straight, serrated blade at least 8 inches long and is used to cut through breads, cakes or baked goods.
-carving (or slicing) knife- long, slender blades that are used to carve or slice meats and large vegetables.
-utility knife- like a paring knife, but usually with a slightly curved blade. It can be used for carving small cuts of meat.
-boning knife- has a narrow, slightly flexible curved blade 5-7 inches long and is excellent for separating cooked or uncooked meat from the bone, carving a roast, or peeling fruits and veggies.

I personally prefer a chef's knife. I use it in all my cooking preparations. My favorite? A Wusthof Santoku 7 inch knife. You can see it here.

Why is a cutting board so important? Well, because you cut all of your fruits, veggies and meats on them. On it, you can prep all your ingredients for your meals. According to Southern Living's Secrets from the Southern Living Test Kitchen, a cutting board is "a flat surface of either wood or plastic polyethylene on which food is sliced or chopped. Some cutting boards have a carved edge to catch meat drippings. Always wash plastic boards in hot, soapy water, or run dishwasher-safe ones through the dishwasher to disinfect. Clean wooden boards with a mixture of 1 part bleach to 8 parts water, then rinse. We suggest using two boards: one just for meats and one for everything else. Or, if you have only one board, mark a side of the board exclusively for meat."

My personal choice for a cutting board? Well, the one I use for raw meat is just a regular plastic board I bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. But my FAVORITE one that I use for everything else (including COOKED meats)is a Boos board.


The Tiquehunters Wife said...

It's so true! They are cooking essentials! I use my knife and cutting boards everyday. I used to have a beautiful boos cutting board for a counter top in the last house I lived in. It was a great selling feature. I now use two vintage pig boards that I've had for years. One for onions, garlic and meat, and one for fruit.

Lean Not said...

Miracle blade knives are really great. They are so sharp that they make me nervous, but they work very well! And they aren't extremely expensive. I think they are sold at JC Penney.

theups said...

Trixie, you must have a really big board if you can't even get it in the sink!! That would be NICE!!!!

Wow, teeny tiny (HA! I wish someone would refer to ME as teeny tiny!!!!), I would LOVE to have a whole countertop that is Boos board!! Must've been wonderful!!!

Leannot, I haven't heard of Miracle Blades!! Thank you for telling me about them!! I'm going to have to go look at them next time I'm at Penney's!!!

Thank you for visiting, Karla!! I hope you can come for a visit again sometime!!

Mrs. U


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