Friday, April 21, 2017

Grocery budgeting and frugal recipe help wanted....

One way that we homemakers make a house a home is all the yummy foods we prepare for our family each meal.  Nourishing, delicious, satisfying, full of love cooking is what our families want when they walk in the door at the end of the day.

I've recently decided that we need to cut back on our grocery budget.  Mr U doesn't have a problem with it (but aren't we all always looking for ways to save!!!), but I've kind of taken it as a personal challenge to lower my spending in this area.  We spend around $140 a week for the four of us and I'd love to see that number reduced.  I really, really do enjoy cooking, but I've given in to "convenience foods" way to often these days and those prices can quickly add up.

Surely I'm not the only one that would appreciate help in the grocery budget area?  Sooooo... I would LOOOOOVE to hear from YOU!!!  How much do you spend on groceries each week for your household?  How many people are in your family?

Also, please share your favorite frugal dinner meals??  Feel free to add links to your blog if you have the recipes on your blog already.  :)

We homemakers have so much to share with each other.  When you share in the comments here, others will benefit from  your wisdom when they read what you wrote.

Have a happy Friday and a GREAT weekend!!!

Mrs. U


Wendi said...

I am spending about $300/mo ($75/wk) for my family of 3 (2 adults and a 10 yr old). I will add that I have a well, well stocked pantry. I have been working on building it for years. I have a big shop once a month and then will go weekly/bi-weekly to buy milk, fresh produce and weekly specials. I am sure my cart looks strange to many as there are times that I will buy 20 boxes of rock bottom priced pasta or 10 bags of flour. I find that the less frequently I shop the less I spend. I spent much more when I was shopping once a week. It was to easy to throw the overpriced bakery special in the cart each week! :) As far as meals, we eat simple. Pasta and my guy is a meat and potato man. If I am not serving a casserole then it's generally a meat entrée, starch and a vegetable. Most soups are good on the budget. I make it some but hubby would not be happy if it made a weekly appearance.

I agree that cutting the grocery budget is a good way to save. Although not easy today. Back in the day most women saved for special things by saving their egg money or cutting back on groceries to add to the coffee can.

Mrs. U said...

YES I agree that shopping less frequently helps!!!!! I was MUCH better when we shopped twice a month... something for me to consider putting in to place again!!!!

Mr U is the same about soup. He does like soups, but they aren't filling. He is okay with them once a week, too. Growing up, I hate all soups! HA! It's easy for me to go overboard with them now since I discovered I LOOOVE soup!! Lol!!

Wendi, such GREAT ideas!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!

Crystal Green from Sharing Life's Moments said...

I would love to know many of these secrets as well. I have bought quite a few books on Amazon about Grocery shopping on a budget, but when I go to use those tips it doesn't seem to work as well for me either.


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