Saturday, January 10, 2015

Still Making a House a Home...

I started this blog June 30, 2006.  Oh how life has changed since then. 

Mr. U was in full time ministry for 20 years, we lived in a tiny parsonage in a town with NO traffic light, and had only our son, Joshua, living at home.  Now?  Joshua is grown and living in Colorado and working full time.  Mr. U is no longer pastoring, but is working for Apple (yes, I know WEIRD career change, but when God says "GO!", you go!!), we moved back to the same large city that we both grew up in, and we have added two sweet blessings to our family- Elizabeth (now 8 1/2) and Caroline (now 4 1/2). We've also added diabetes to our family as Mr. U was diagnosed last Spring with it.  Lots of change.  Lots to learn. 

In my very first blog post, I shared,

"Why the name Making a House a Home? Well, anyone can live in a house, but making it a home is quite another matter. A house is a building but a home is inhabited by family members that love and care for each other. As the wife of a wonderful man, I have been blessed to be able to turn our house into a home- a place where my family longs to be at the end of every day."
 I still that very same way. I sooo want to continue making this house that we've been in two years, into a warm, welcoming home where my family can't wait to be each day.  


Wendi said...

Sorry to hear about Mr. U. I imagine there have been many changes going on in your kitchen.

I am always happy to see a post pop up from you! I wish it was more often. Hint! Hint! :)

Mrs. U said...

Hi Wendi!!

Yes, a LOT of changes in the kitchen!!! And we've both lost some weight, too! Of course, I still have FAAAAAAR to go, but at least I am getting healthier, too! LOL!!

Karen Andreola said...

Nice to meet you in the blog neighborhood. I sympathize with your emphasis on making a house a home. Moving often while our children were young, the goal of creating a warm atmosphere was on mind. Your blog proves that the emphasis of "home" supports a family through different kinds of changes. Thanks for sharing. God bless your family.

Anonymous said...

Changes around our home are always quiet interesting. Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more from you. :-)

Mrs. U said...

Thank you Mrs. Andreola and Peaceful Homemaker for visiting with me!! May the Lord bless both of you as you walk with Him!

Mrs. U


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