Saturday, May 24, 2014

Old fashioned home keeping...

I really enjoy reading blogs.  My favorites have always been about home keeping. 

When I first discovered blogs in 2006, I found many kindred spirits who loved to share their tips on making a house a home.  The blogs (and therefore, the bloggers themselves) felt quaint and familiar and I found myself wishing I could meet them, knowing we'd hit it off immediately.  These days, however, so many of my original favorites are gone.  I suppose I shouldn't complain, I mean, where is my blog?  Dead?  Not quite.  It's just been on pause. 

So many blogs now are BEAUTIFUL and show Pinterest perfect homes and so many "how to's".  I'm not like that.  While they ARE lovely, they aren't "me".  Does anyone else relate?  I do appreciate the things I've learned from them, but where are the blogs about old fashioned home keeping? If you, dear reader, happen to know of any, please share. 

In this day and age of HGTV and Pinterest, well, I cannot compete.  Any decorations in my home are only there because my sister or sister--in-law or sweet friends were kind enough to give me direction (two wonderful friends even took control of my mantle and decorated it FOR me!!!).  Other than that, I just go for "comfortable" for our style.  :) 

Happy home keeping!

Mrs. U


Tammy said...

Yes, I hear you on the fancy blogs! Most blogs are a business instead of a personal blog. Personal blogs have definitely taken the back seat these days.

Mrs. U said...

YES, Tammy!!! You are right- personal blogs have disappeared!!! I LOVE hearing about the every day lives of homemakers like me and you.


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