Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why memorize Scripture?

As Christians, we should be memorizing Scripture-hiding God's Word in our hearts.   We are to have the mind of Christ and how better to do that than to truly know them by heart?

How to get started?   Here are a few helpful ways from...

1) A Holy Experience

2) Living Proof Ministries (Beth Moore)

3) Revive Our Hearts (Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

And here's what John Piper has to say about memorizing God's Word....

So... what are YOU memorizing right now? 


Melody said...

Thanks for the link to the Holy Experience post. Haven't gotten far enough to read the other links yet. . .God has convicted me plenty already. I've known I need to memorize but yet do so little aobut it on a regular basis.

God has been showing me so much lately in my life, thank you for letting Him use you to show me another.

Thank you.

Mrs. Pear said...

The girls are both doing the sets from Children Desiring God. Baby who is 2.5 just started the foundations and Miss Pear is doing the Fighter Verses - and I am trying to slowly do both with them as we practice right after breakfast before we leave the table.

Both sets are great!


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