Friday, September 10, 2010


UPDATE: Problem fixed!! Mr. U realized that Firefox was my problem and did something to fix it (I am NOT computer savvy AT ALL, so I have no idea what he did). If anyone else encounters this strange problem, it may be Firefox!!!!

Is anyone else having trouble posting pictures on blogger??? When I try to, at the bottom left of the screen, it says "waiting to connect to" and then changes to "connecting to" and they flash back and forth SUPER DUPER fast.


Any ideas? I've already restarted the computer with no luck.


Nikki said...

I haven't tried to post pictures today, but yesterday it was fine. Sorry! I hope they get it fixed soon.

Melissa said...

Mrs. U,

I didn't have a problem today. Do you use Firefox or Internet Explorer? Try using the opposite and see if it works for you!

Melissa :D

Mrs. U said...

HAHA! You guessed it, Melissa!!! Firefox was the problem!! Mr. U realized it this afternoon and corrected it. What in the WORLD would I do without him? I'd have to call the Geek Squad about every other week!!

Mrs. U


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