Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feminism exposed...

I want to get straight to the heart of the issue and expose some of the many and greatest lies of feminism. As you read through this list, honestly ask yourself which of these lies you may have believed in the past or present in some form or another.

Shall we begin?

1. I have my rights.

2. I can have it all.

3. I should not have to live with unfulfilled longings.
4. A career outside the home is more valuable and fulfilling than being a wife and mother.

5. It’s all about me.

6. If my husband is passive I need to lead.

7. If I submit, I’ll be miserable.

8. I have to have ________ to make me happy.

9. Children are a hindrance and a burden.

10. Women are smarter than men.

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Anonymous said...

Even in elementary school we were taught this _ _ _ _ and thankfully, it didn't make much sense to my little 10 year old brain so it never stuck.

Most of us probably know ladies that buy into such selfish thinking. The ones I know are the most unhappy people you could imagine.

Wendi said...

I use to think I had to have it all. All the right clothes, right weight, right home, right car etc. All the things that were just things and did not make me completely happy.

I live in a very modest home, drive a car that is almost 10 years old, live on a shoe string and shop for bargains. Being a stay at home wife and mom meant giving up a lot of things, but in the process I have gained so much. There is so much to be gained from taking care of the ones you love, living a simple life and finding contentment.

Christine said...

I remember in my college speech class thirty years ago or so I gave a talk on feminism. Equal rights, equal pay, etc. It caused quite a stir among the male population of the class. LOL

Leigh said...

Have you read Radical Womanhood?


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