Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ceiling fans.... oh my....

I can NOT believe I am going to show y'all these photos.

Oh dear.

All summer long we've kept the ceiling fans on. If we turn them off, it's usually because we are leaving the house. So who ever noticed they were dirty? And BOY are they dirty!! Just look!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Go ahead... click on it! You know you want to see that icky dirt up close!!!!)

And this is the dust that came off ONE ceiling fan!!!!

WHY am I showing y'all these horrifying photos?? So that this scene is NOT repeated in YOUR home!!!! Do your family a favor and go right now and look at your ceiling fans and see if they are dirty. If so, CLEAN THEM!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Y'all!!! Mrs. B just left a comment and said "
One thing that I've found that helps is to polish them with furniture polish and then the dust doesn't seem to stick to them as easily." What an EXCELLENT tip!! Thank you, Mrs. B!!!!!


Betsy Brock said...

Mine look exactly the same way!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I sympathize with you. Mine look the same way; I finally had to clean them yesterday. It's amazing how quickly they catch dust!

Take Care,


No Longer 25 said...

Oh I thought that in the first photo there was paint splattered on the fan - that is quite a lot of dust! I don't have any ceiling fans but I can understand how you can forget about dusting them when you can hardly see them!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! LOL (o; You are a brave woman to post those pictures!

One thing that I've found that helps is to polish them with furniture polish and then the dust doesn't seem to stick to them as easily. (o:


Beck's Country Living said...

Oh ys I know what you are talking about my look like that and I try to clean them every week. I am trying to do better about cleaning them.

Unknown said...

Thank You I now feel better about all my dust that has me hostage in my house right now!! I have been cleaning most all day just on the foyer and living room. Dust and I mean dust. Started out to just vacuum and then before you know it I am scrubbing down walls with a bucket of soapy water and cleaning windows. May even pop open a can of paint for touch up on my white trim ;-)

I was so upset with myself for letting it get this way. It's a never ending job to keep a home clean, at least for me. Well maybe if I actually "cleaned every now and then" it wouldn't look like it does now!!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement for me to continue! Thanks to Mrs B for the polishing tip too!!!!!!

Happy dusting to all!!

Anonymous said...

Silly lady, that's why we turn them on in April and don't turn them off until November! (We live in AZ.) I feel your dusty pain. Ours would be the same, except our quarterly deep cleaning has us hitting all the fans at least once during the 'on' season. Then yes, we have to clean them again once they're off. This is when it's handy to have a tall husband!

Farrah said...

My oldest son cleans our ceiling fans monthly!

Jonell w Harrison said...

Using furniture polish is a good idea and have you seen the long handled brush made just for fans?
the brush slips over the blade..works quite well..if u can just rem to do it-getting caught by a guest will help u to remember.A horrible feeling catching a visitor staring at your dust coated fan blades.:^(

Quiltpiecer said...

Oh, I just came across your post ... that dusty fan looks just like mine ... and you gave me a good reminder to go clean my fans now!! Been meaning to do it, but keep forgetting ...

Anonymous said...

Those pictures remind me of how my fans looked when we lived in our rental house (because I never dusted them).

As well as using furniture polish, the key is to clean them regularly so that the blades don't collect "dust bunnies." I dust the furniture and knick knacks (as well as our ceiling fans) every other week. I have noticed that when I keep-up with dusting them regularly, they don't collect as much dust either.

Also, it's good to dust the base of the ceiling fans as well as the light domes (if your ceiling fans have light fixtures) because nasty dust collects there too.

Dust is SO annoying (smiles)!

Chaos Cottage said...

Are you sure those pictures were not taken at my house???



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