Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's finally here!!!

Look what I found waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday!!!

Yes, Victoria Magazine is in full swing and I am one happy lady!! Oh and their website has wonderful treasures, too! I can't wait to spend time there, too!!

So, you all know what I am going to be doing today!!


Emma said...

I have been waiting for this! I ordered my subscription a little late (last week), so I hope that I will still receive the first issue!

Anonymous said...

Let us know if the magazine is as good as it looks!

Anonymous said...

Let us know if the magazine is as good as it looks!

Christina said...

I have NEVER heard of this magazine!!! It sounds wonderful!

Paula said...

Mrs. U, it looks just wonderful!! If I recall, hasn't this magazine been around for a quite some time? I seem to recall subscribing to this when I was younger--much younger--ha!!


Mrs. U said...

Paula, I believe the magazine came out in 1987. It changed hands in the 90s and was different than the original Victoria. LOTS of subscribers (myself included) were VERY let down with the changes. I think that's probably why they stopped publishing the magazine. They are now being published again by a new publisher and so far, it looks WONDERFUL!!!

So, Christina, you HAVE to look for one and see if you like it! :)

Emma, I hope you get this copy, too. It's nice, for sure!! :)

Mrs. U


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