Thursday, March 22, 2007

A new floor..

Mr. U is a pastor and we live in the parsonage that our church owns. It’s a fine house and we are very thankful to be living here. We have had some major water problems in this home since we’ve been here and the floors have been in need of repair. So, while we were in China, the men of our church undertook the task. Not only was the floor soft, but apparently it was rotted and even the joists were swollen with water!! It was so bad that even the beams under the stove and refrigerator were collapsed in two!!! We’ve been told that the only thing that kept us from falling through the floor was the linoleum- oh my!! How many times have I complained about that linoleum, I have no idea. How grateful I am that it held us up all these years!!!!

Here's a picture of the men working on the floor. Yes, that is the ground you see!! Every bit of wood was ripped out of the kitchen floor!!

So… here are some before and after pictures. I LOVE the look of the new flooring! Believe it or not, it is linoleum, too, but it looks SOOO much like wood!! It’s lovely! Now I just want to get that wallpaper off and paint the wall! When? Ummmmm… sometime in the future!!





Also, we were blessed with a new stove! I’ve been so used to cooking on the old one that it’s taking me a bit to get used to this new fancy one!!! LOL! Isn’t it nice??!!!

(old stove)

(new stove)

How blessed we are!! A new STURDY floor, beautiful new flooring and a new stove all to welcome our new little blessing home!! The Lord has spoiled us for sure!!


Bethanie said...

I just love new appliances. The floor is beautiful!

Julieann said...

Mrs. U--Your kitchen is so bright and cheery and I love the door in the kitchen---I would have it open in the summer--and there is nothing wrong with linoleum--it is so easy to keep clean--my floor drives me crazy..(LOL)

You can so multi task in that kitchen with the laundry there too---I love your kitchen:)


Susan said...

What a blessing! The Lord is so good to supply just what we need, and it looks like He threw in a few extras for you too! ;)

I haven't added my congratulations yet to bringing home your precious new Elizabeth. She is beautiful, and I'm so thrilled with the blessing the Lord has given you!

Paula said...

The floors look wonderful! I had a hard time adjusting to a radiant stovetop when we moved into our home. It's so much easier to clean, though!

I'm so glad that your church family took care of some of your needs while you were away. :)

Wendi said...

The floor looks good. I like the contrast against the white cabinets. Your stove looks alot like mine. Love it! It is so great not to have to scrub the burner drip pans.

Chrissy said...

Beautiful! I love the floor - our linoleum is not our mother's linoleum, that's for sure...I'm so glad to have you back!

jeanette said...

spiffy! :)
What a blessing to come home to a "new" home. :)

Jennwith4 said...

What a blessing! Have a happy time with your new floor and stove!

Jodi said...

The floor and stove are beautiful! I know what you mean about adjusting to a new stove. We changed ours recently, and there were a few burnt biscuits before I got it right - lol!

Susan P. said...

Oh Mrs. U, the floor is so gorgeous and a brand new stove, too! YAY!! God is so good!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is nice! We just put in our floors last year. I love them. Your new stove is nice. And your Daughter.....OH!!!! she is just beautiful!

Tina Kay

Kara said...

It looks great! What a wonderful blessing.

Tammy said...

Oh, what a blessing! The floor looks lovely, and I'm sure you're loving it! And a new stove too? Wow! Enjoy them both!

HsKubes said...

What a wonderful blessing!
I love the new floor!

~ Christina

Crescent said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

TeaMouse said...

I love the new kitchen - God Bless your congregation!

Anonymous said...

how exciting to get the new stuff! unbelievable that your floor was so bad- we had that experience once too and it's funny to think how we could have fallen to the ground just by walking into the room!!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. U,

Your kitchen is beautiful! The floor and your new stove is just perfect. I sure hope you get many years of good use out of them.




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