Monday, December 09, 2013


It's another cold, very rainy day here in Georgia.  I'm wondering just how many days the Lord will give us rain???  A little sunshine would most certainly perk all of us up.  So what's a mother to do?  Why, bake something special, of course!!!  

Today the girls and I decided to make Schoolhouse Gingerbread from Pleasant View Schoolhouse.  Her recipes never disappoint.  The link goes straight to Anna's recipe.  I didn't have enough sugar, so I had to substitute brown sugar instead.  Brown sugar has molasses in it, so I didn't need to use as much molasses as the original recipe. 

Happy baking!!!

Schoolhouse Gingerbread
Combine and beat until smooth:

1 c. brown sugar 
3/4 c. molasses
1 c. oil
3 eggs

In another bowl mix:

3/4 t. salt 
1 t. ginger
1 t. cinnamon
2 c. flour
2 t. baking soda

Add to first bowl, then stir in:

1 c. boiling water.

Bake in a prepared 9x13 pan  at 350 for 25-30 minutes.  Mmmmm.

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Housewife59 said...

Thank you for posting this very tempting gingerbread recipe. In fact, it is so tempting that I am making some tomorrow. (It would have been today, but I already had bread pudding in the oven : )

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