Friday, November 15, 2013

Cursive- Are You Teaching This to Your Children?

Cursive handwriting is apparently an issue with this new Common Core.   Are you teaching your children to read and write cursive?  Or if they are in public school or private school, are they learning it at school? 

Not only is cursive a beautiful art, but it is necessary to know in order to read many of our historical documents in our country.  This article shares about a school girl that could not read a letter from someone who had written in cursive. 

I have always loved writing in cursive.  I've always considered it like art.  You must take your take to make it beautiful.  Do I always write in cursive now?  No.  I find printing much faster these days.  But as a homeschool mother with a child in 2nd grade, I am currently brushing up on my strokes so that I may teach her how to write in cursive in January.  (Shhh. Don't tell her. It's a surprise!  She's been working very hard on writing very neatly so that she can learn cursive. She's been dying to learn for a year now!!!). 

So are you making sure that your children learn cursive? Why or why not?


Tammy said...

I'm using ABeka preschool, which starts out with cursive! So, yes!

Here's an interesting article:

Blessings! said...

Yes, we are learning to read and write cursive. We have a seven year old son in fourth grade and a six year old daughter in third and they are both learning the art of pen-paling as well as cursive writting. They get to write thank you notes to send in the post after holidays and other gift getting events. They have also been involved in some SKYPing, cell phone calls, house phone calls, and typing. Communication takes place in many different ways and we are introducing them to several of them. *smile* If Father calls them away from our home I would love it if they kept in touch with us as well as each other. *big smile* We have been going through Rod and Staff curriculum and love it. *smile* Have a great day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!


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