Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Do you know the bones of your Bible?

Thank you to Do Not Depart for a GREAT article reminding us why we need to memorize the books of the Bible!!!  Read here...

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Jonell w Harrison said...

I wonder if teachers of young children understand how important it can be for kids to "know" the parts of their Bible..I think of it so often when I am turning TO FIND CHAPTER AND VERSE so EASILY & quickly..I learned these basics very young..my hsband [who is very knowledgeable re the Bible] did not memorize the books and sometimes he will have to turn to to the contents page..that's ok but so much easier and faster when you can rattle off th sequence in your head..I am thankful for people who insisted we memorize things like this..just found your site..thanks for stopping by my DOWN THE LANE..you might enjoy my othr blog too http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com
See you soon? ~Jonell


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