Friday, December 11, 2009

Table manners...

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Since the Christmas season is upon us and many of us will be invited to other homes for meals, I thought it might be of interest to read up on table manners.

Thank you, Mrs. S., for sharing this on your blog!!

Table Manners

1.) A meal begins when the host or hostess unfolds his or her napkin. Guests should then do the same. Place your napkin on your lap, completely unfolded if it is a small luncheon napkin or in half, lengthwise, if it is a large dinner napkin. The napkin rests on the lap until the end of the meal. The host will signal the end of the meal by placing their napkin on the table. Once the meal is over, you too should place your napkin neatly on the table to the left of your dinner plate.

2.) When your host or hostess picks up their fork to eat, then you may eat. Do not start before this unless the host or hostess insists that you start eating.

3.) Once used, your utensils, including the handles, should not touch the table again. Always rest forks, knives, and spoons on the side of your plate or in the bowl.

4.) Pass food from the left to the right.

5.) Always say please when asking for something. Be sure to say thank you to your server or host after they have removed any used items.

6.) Taste your food before seasoning it.

7.) Do try a little of everything on your plate.

8.) Don't blow on your food to cool it off. If it is too hot to eat, take the hint and wait.

9.) Keep elbows off the table. Keep your left hand in your lap unless you are using it.

10.) Do not talk with your mouth full. Chew with your mouth closed.

11.) Do not blow your nose at the dinner table. Excuse yourself to visit the restroom. Wash your hands before returning to the dining room. If you cough, cover your mouth with your napkin to stop the spread of germs and muffle the noise. If your cough becomes unmanageable, excuse yourself to visit the restroom. Wash your hands before returning to the dining room.
This rule is especially important as we are able to enter a bad flu season!
12.) Whenever a woman leaves the table or returns to sit, all men seated with her should stand up.

A few General Rules

1.) Arrive at least 10 minutes early unless otherwise specified. Do not arrive earlier as your host or hostess may not be ready for you yet.

2.) Turn off your cell phone or switch it to silent or vibrate mode before sitting down to eat, and leave it in your pocket or purse. It is impolite to answer a phone during dinner. If you must make or take a call, excuse yourself from the table and step outside.


Scientific Housewife said...

Great post and so appropriate for the holiday season. Thanks!

Farrah said...

I'm a big stickler for manners in general (I think most women in the South are) so I really enjoyed this post. I have been considering teaching etiquette.

Unknown said...

Thank you for reminding people to use manners. They should not have to be reminded, but in this day and age yes they do! My sons can now understand what I was trying to get into their young heads.

Anonymous said...

How patronising! You must assume your readers are all primitive savages! To tell us to say please and thankyou and not to speak with our mouths full - how patronising you are.
This is not from a spammer, I'm a genuine reader of your blog. until now that is, you've just lost a reader.

Mrs. U said...

Dear Anonymous,
I don't post things that I feel people need to learn, I post things that "I" find interesting. My blog is not to impress anyone who may choose to read it, but to simply share things I enjoy.

I surely don't see this post as patronizing to anyone at all. I find it fun and homey. If you see it otherwise, that is up to you.

May the Lord give you His peace this Christmas.

Mrs. U

Desiree said...

Being Canadian, we are sticklers on manners. I think it comes from British influence. Not a bad thing mind you. Always a good reminder. I've always wondered though if it was still OK to wipe your nose quietly at the table. You know, like when you're eating soup!!

Farrah said...

I left you something at my blog. If you'd like please check it out!

Secondhand Blessings said...

You've given some great advice. I also posted some table etiquette that I got out of a book written in 1918.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing my blog post!


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