Friday, February 09, 2007

A lovely find of the blogging kind!!

I have recently discovered a lovely blog by a young lady that is "striving to be a Titus 2 daughter and a keeper at home." Her name is Amanda Grace and her blog is A Touch of Grace. Her recent post on hair care is VERY interesting!!!!

Amanda Grace seems like a lovely lady, indeed!! Please stop by her blog and say "hello!!".


Mandy Grace said...

Aw, thank you so much for linking to me! You are so sweet. I posted a reply for you about our book club today, just so you know.

Helpmate said...

Thank you for the link to Amanda's website. Her hair care tips were very helpful. Your black and white photo is lovely, by the way. :)

Mrs.B. said...

I think her blog is great too! Thanks for alerting us to the great hair care post, I really enjoyed reading it. (o:


Mrs. U said...

Hi Amanda Grace!!!! I really do think your site is lovely and I REALLY appreciate the wonderful haircare tips!!!!

Helpmate, you are sweet to comment on my photo. Thanks to a good camera and a good program (currently using Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 but I change all the time! LOL!!!).

Mrs.B- I'm so glad that you enjoy her blog, too!!

Mrs. U

Chrissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan P. said...

I am on my way over!

Kelli said...

Hi Mrs. U!!! I sent you an email earlier this week to your gmail account...did you get it?


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