Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Vison Forum Contest!!!!

Look what I discovered!!! One blog led to another blog and then another blog... y'all know how that goes.. and I ended up at Kim C's place. She announced that she and Vision Forum are having a contest!!! You could possible win $700 worth of Vision Forum products!!! OH MY!! Go read her blog and find out all the details. Most of all ENTER!!! This is a GREAT contest and I really hope that I win!! :)

Thanks you, Kim C. and Vision Forum!!!!


Shari said...

i was visiting the "life in a shoe" blog, and signed up for that. i made an outrageous guess, and most likely won't win, but it was fun to get involved, lol.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Shari!!!
I feel like my guess was outrageous, too. But there is NO way to know. LOL!! It should be fun to find out the real answer!!

Mrs. U

PS- I FINALLY got your blog added to my links!! I had blogger issues and finally switched to beta to, hopefully, correct things. :)


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