Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm shocked!

Part of being a godly mother means watching over and protecting our children. When I read this article about what the makers of the Bratz dolls are doing, I was shocked. Well, maybe I shouldn't be shocked. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all. Why? Because Christian mothers like me hear this kind of news, get mad about it and do what? Nothing. We do nothing. Why? Why don't we speak out? And why can't little girls just be little girls anymore???

I know that Target in Australia already has these bras. So, if you live in Australia, march yourself into Target, ask for the manager and, in a kind but firm tone of voice (and remembering that you represent Christ), explain to the manager why you think it's wrong. Bring it to his attention. Let him know this is simply unacceptable.

I do not know if Target here in the States is selling this yet or not, but if and when I find out they are selling them, I will go to all the Target locations near me and speak with the manager about it. We NEED to speak out. We NEED to let them know that we will not put up with this kind of sexualization of our daughters. We NEED to speak up for our children.

Mothers, say something!! Do not just read about this and do nothing. Pray. Go to Target. Contact the Bratz manufacturers. Remember, part of being a godly mother is watching over and protecting our children.


Tammy said...

Oh my, I'm in shock too! That's simply awful. I believe it was Abercombie (however that store is spelled!) that was selling thong underwear for little girls a few years back. Very ick. I think they were pulled from the stores, because enough people stood up against them, but I don't remember the exact outcome. Totally sick.

Kelli said...

That is just awful!! I will be sure to check out my local target store. I don't even like to walk through the clothes section for little girls anymore. Some of the styles are very discusting and grown women shouldn't be wearing them, let alone children.


Jammy said...

YUK, I don't think girls as young as six need bras, never mind matching sets! While we shield our own children, I feel a need to pray for those who are not protected in Christian homes.

Mrs. U said...

Tammy, I'm with you. It IS sick. And yes, I remember the whole Abercrombie fiasco. They were selling "soft porn" catalogs of their clothes. Sad. Very, very sad.

Kelli, I agree. "Little girl" clothes hardly exist these days and I can't stand seeing what is in stores these days!!!

Jenn, thanks for reminding me of the need to pray for all the children who don't have a mother that gets shocked over something like this. Great point!!!

Mrs. U

Shari said...

this is terrible!


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