Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some really good finds in the blogworld...

I have come across some really good posts lately on blogs- too good not to share. So.... be sure and check out the following...

Tori at Almost There has some really great encouragment going for those of us on Weight Watchers or for anyone wanting to lead a life of healthier eating and living.

Mrs. C at Riverbend-Ramblings has a great post about praying for our husbands for 31 days!!!!

Bluebird Rose has a BEAUTIFULLY feminine blog! I just LOVE looking at all the lovely things she has to share.

Next week, Revee at Country Roads will be starting a series on homemaking for little ones. Not one I plan to miss, that's for sure!!!

The Serven family has a really encouraging blog. What stood out the most to me (only because I haven't read everything on the blog yet!! LOL!!!) is the post on "The Dress of War". A must read!!!

So what are y'all waiting for? Go read some great blogs!!!!!

1 comment:

Jammy said...

Thanks for sharing your favorites! There are a few I will definitely be visiting ;)


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