Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Prayer request for Susan Godfrey and family...

Susan Godfrey and her family needs our prayer and support.

On her blog, she shares...

In June of 2006, our unborn baby was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome, also known as Renal Agenesis.What this means, is that our baby does not have kidneys and will not survive more than just a few hours after delivery. We have decided to carry the baby to term. We are taking donations for the baby's final expenses with excess donations going to the University of Michigan to help fund their research on Potter's Syndrome.

Pleae be praying for them!!!!!


Susan said...

Thanks sweetie for posting this! We really appreciate all the prayers we can get! It means a lot to us as we're going through this. I really believe that it's all the prayers that are keeping us going forward with such a positive attitude!

Tori said...

Reading Susan's blog just broke me heart. Bless her heart, she's going through a very difficult time and I'm sure she'll come forth as gold. *Ü*


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